Vary the pleasures and discover new flavors each time you use your Moulinex Cookeo + White / Gold CE851A10 thanks to the 150 recipes preprogrammed in the appliance and its 6 cooking modes. Simply follow the instructions on its intuitive and intelligent screen and let yourself be guided in the preparation of your meal.

Do you want even more inspiration to delight your guests at every meal? Consult the 500 official Moulinex recipes and more than 2,500 recipes shared with the Cookeo community on the “My Cookéo” application. Test, comment and share your favorite recipes with the community.

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The key points
Any type of cooking – 1600 W
6 persons
Steam cooking, Simmering, Rice and pasta, Automatic keeping warm, Reheating, Browning, Browning, Pressure cooking, Gentle cooking
The +: Delayed start, 6 cooking modes and 150 pre-programmed recipes
Main Features
Product type: Cookéo
Function: Any type of cooking
Body material: Stainless steel
Power: 1600 W
Capacity: 6.00 L
People: 6 people
Glass cover: No
Condensation recovery unit: Yes
Operation indicator: Yes
Indicator light: Yes
On / off button: Yes
End of cooking sound signal: Yes
Screen: Digital in color
Delayed start: Yes
Timer: Yes
Color: white
Basket / Bowl / Dutch oven characteristics
Material: plastic
Non-stick bowl / basket / Dutch oven: Yes
External steam basket: Yes
Removable bowl / Basket / Dutch oven: Yes
Tank characteristics
Capacity: 6.00 L
Removable bowl: Yes
Graduation: No
Non-stick bowl: Yes
Useful capacity: 6.00 L
Material: Ceramic
Number of pre-programmed recipes: 150 pre-programmed recipes
Program details: Steam cooking, Simmering, Rice and pasta, Automatic keeping warm, Reheating, Browning, Browning, Pressure cooking, Gentle cooking
Interactive and intelligent menu
Ingredients menu: I choose the ingredient, the appliance cooks it by itself! Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, …
Recipe menu: 150 pre-programmed recipes, sweet or savory!
Manual menu: You control the cooking mode and time! Brown, brown, cook quickly, steam and cook in a sauce
Free application to download: My Cookéo: Take advantage of the connected application which offers more than 2000 recipes with step-by-step explanations, shopping lists of the recipes you want and also follow the evolution of the cooking of your dishes.
Non-slip feet: Yes
Cold walls: Yes
Cold handles: Yes
Automatic shutdown: Yes
Cleaning and storage
Dishwasher compatibility: Steam basket and tub
Retractable cord: No
Information and Services
Made in: China



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