INGCO Multi tool blade sets

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These Ingco Multi-Tool Blades are made from alloy steel and high carbon steel that tougher and thicker than most will last a lifetime without rust or abscission even under heavy load. It includes cutting blades for wood, drywall, and metal, a carbide blade, scraper blade, sanding pads, carbide grout removal rasp, and more tools to handle most tasks. Get durable Ingco Saw Blades without breaking the bank. AKTMT1502 Multi-Tool with this 15-piece accessory set. Unlike other Ingco multitool blades that are easily dull, we’ve crafted ours using premium steel to withstand it all. Whether you’re sanding hardwood, doing some tile or floor work, removing paint, grinding cement, dabbling in some carpentry, or looking to cut through wood, plastic, metal, or drywall, you’ll find the right tool in this Ingco accessory kit.

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Suitable for CML 2001, MF3008 and UMF3008,

1pcs BIM(M2) Segment saw blade, Dia.87mm(3-7/16″)

1pcs Delta sanding Pad, size:80mm(3-1/8″)

10pcs Aluminum-Oxide delta sandpaper for Wood, size:80mm(3-1/8″)

1pcs CRV Radial flush-cut wood saw blade, size:34mm(1-5/16″)

1pca Bi-Metal standard flush-cut metal saw blade, size:34mm(1-5/16″)

1pcs Rigid scraper, size:50mm(2″)




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