Huawei Router Wifi Mesh

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Huawei Share: Tap NFC-enabled Android devices on the HUAWEI WiFi Mesh NFC zone to connect WiFi

Plug & Play of sub units: After configure any unit from the package, the other sub units will add to the network when powered on automatically, and work as satellites

One-Key Pairing: Extra Huawei WiFi Mesh unit out of the original package, or devices have H(or Hi) button, or EMUI devices. One touch on the H Button of the main unit, new devices get connected

Seamless Roaming: When traveling among Mesh Units, the Wi-Fi system will proactively switching your devices to the best Mesh Unit(AP) seamlessly

Band Steering, 5GHz preferred: Prioritize the connection to the 5GHz when devices near the router. And when the devices move far away, switching the connection to 2.4Ghz smoothly and automatically

Multiple Connections. Smooth Connections: Extremely powerful Quad-core processor (up to 12880 DMIPS) and 128MB large RAM can boost router be more stable when multiple device connections and multiple complex tasks

Huawei Adaptive Intelligent Networking: bringing extra flexibility when 5GHz signal is not good enough, allowing the Backhaul Band switching when the original one works incorrectly

Independent signal amplifiers: Each Router can cover up to 120 ㎡. PA (Power Amplifier) greatly improve the signal transmission intensity

Diameter: 10.4 cm

Height: 21 cm

Weight: 0.58kg

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Processor: Quad Core

RAM: 128MB

Power (W)


Height (Cm)


Weight (Kg)



Ethernet: Yes

Diameter (Cm)


Colour: White

Tri-band WIFI Mesh System

5GHz band

Huawei Share

Gigahome Quad-core 1.4 GHz CPU

Dedicated Backhaul connection


192 connections simultaneously

Plug & Play

One-Key Pairing

3 Ethernet Ports




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