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Experience effortless cleaning with the Deerma VC55 Dual Axis Roller Brush Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Equipped with a powerful 130W motor and 13000Pa suction, it effortlessly tackles dirt and debris. The 0.3L dust capacity and 2500mAh battery ensure extended cleaning sessions. Lightweight at 2.1kg, enjoy up to 20 mins of run time on a 5-11hr charging time.

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Double-axis roller brush is twice as clean * all kinds of dirt are absorbed

Create a rare dual-shaft soft velvet roller brush in the industry, 2 large roller brushes clean simultaneously, absorb all kinds of dust quickly, and enjoy double cleanliness with one vacuuming, making cleaning more effective.


1+1 two-way internal rotation suction and wipe will escape the dust – the net will be wiped out

The front rolling brush sweeps backward, the rear rolling brush sweeps forward, and the two rows of rolling brushes rotate inwardly to form a strong suction eddy current, and the front and rear synchronously gather the garbage to the middle suction port, and it is instantly involved without missing.


Built-in 2 sturdy hearts deep brush 2400 times per minute*

The floor brush is equipped with 2 independent motors, which drive the dual roller brushes to brush deeply 2400 times per minute*, and the brush is clean and instantly clean while sucking. Dual-motor two-way power assist, smooth forward and backward.


Straight lay flat design No matter how low it is, it can crawl deep

The vacuum cleaner always gets stuck when cleaning low places Delmar has improved the connection structure of the floor brush and the pipe, so that the machine can lie flat on the ground and clean directly to the bottom of the furniture, without accessories and without moving the furniture.


<1kg* Lightweight host can lift freely Lian Jiazi “flying over the eaves”

While ensuring high suction power, the structure is optimized, and the lightweight and sturdy materials are used at the same time, and the integrated lightweight main unit weighs only 0.95kg*. Girls can also grasp it with one hand, and it is flexible and clean.


High speed brushless motor Hardcore power vacuuming is one step ahead

Equipped with a high-speed brushless motor, the performance is stable and the loss is small, and the explosive and persistent power is released with low power, so that the cleaning can be fast, accurate and ruthless.


1300OPa* strong wind suction, every gap will not be missed

The brushless motor continues to output strong suction, easily sweeping all kinds of daily garbage in the home. With soft velvet bristles, it sucks and brushes at the same time, and there is nowhere to hide the dust in the crevices.


Triple high-efficiency filtration system locks fine dust and discharges clean air

Abandon the simple sponge filter,

Using cyclone to separate dust and gas, stainless steel filter screen to intercept, multi-layer filter element to filter micron dust,

Fresh exhaust without secondary pollution.


wireless really free Clean and shine anytime, anywhere

Wireless without restraint, suck the whole house,

You can immediately pick up and clean floors, sofas, furniture, etc. at any time, and return your spotless home.


Replace the two-in-one flat suction to eliminate the dead corner of hygiene

According to different environments, the brush head and cleaning mode can be switched in a targeted manner.


Battery life is just right for a cleaning blitz

Equipped with 4 high-capacity lithium battery packs, the battery life is up to 20 minutes*,

Enough to clean the whole house. Using Type-C charging port,

The front and back sides can be plugged in, and the power can be replenished at any time.


Wall-mounted convenient storage Beautiful and easy to use and orderly

The vacuum cleaner is often stored against the wall and is easy to slip and damage the machine. It is equipped with a hanging bracket. After cleaning, it only needs to be lightly hung on the wall, and it can be used at any time for the next cleaning without taking up extra space.


The design is ingenious to be a detail control


Steps for usage

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Deerma Deerma Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner VC55
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