You’ve been browsing on our platforms and want to get an awesome wall mount for yourself. But how do you choose the perfect one? We’re here to help!  

Step 1 – One arm or two?

There’s two types of wall mounts. One extension and two extensions. As the name suggests, one has, well, one arm, and the other two. 

The two arm extension will go a bit further forth than the one arm. However both models have the same set of movement which is, left, right, up, down and tilt. 

You can take reference to the images below for a better understanding. 

Step 2 – What’s the size of your tv? 

Each bracket holds a specific range of tv size. You cannot use a bracket that is not appropriate for the size of your tv as it will not be able to hold the latter’s weight or the VESA will not fit. 

Refer to the table below to find the best fit for your screen. 

SizeOne ArmTwo Arm
50’’-75’’P6 cantilever
75’’ +

You will notice that the P6 is a cantilever instead of a gas strut, which means that it does not have the up and down motion compared to our other models. 

Step 3 – Weight and VESA 

Now that we’ve got the wall bracket that will fit, the weight and the VESA of the TV needs to be checked. 

The weight chart is as below – 

If your tv is heavier than the limit mentioned above, we recommend to size up. Please call us on the 212 2400 so we can assist you in choosing the correct model. 

VESA refers to the four holes at the back of your tv. This is where the mount will be attached and hold the screen up. Below is another chart for the different sizing. 

That’s it! If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact us on Facebook, Whatsapp or call us on the 212 2400 and our staff will guide you through the selection. 

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